Miningful Studio specializes in extracting and processing hidden information in the complexity of data, transforming them into decisions, making predictions more accurately and responding readily to the needs of the market. By combining data analysis, algorithms and a team of data scientists, Miningful Studio transforms complex data into meaningful results, communicative visualizations and effective stories.

Data Science e Artificial Intelligence are powerful. However, in order to adapt and add value to your business, they need the experience of industry experts, the expertise and creativity of data scientists who develop the algorithms, feed them with the right data and put them to work on suitable problems.



A suite of services, specifically designed to follow all the study phases, analyze data, optimize results and step up publication of research works.

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Design and analysis according to the most up-to-date techniques of psychometrics and statistics. Handling item formulation and taking into account resources, costs and means of dissemination.

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The moltitude of data produced are turned into highly valuable information for business, management and research. A service designed for those willing to make data-driven decisions.

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Predicting critical events and failures instead of facing emergency: mathematical and statistical models that process data originating from production, machinery and industrial sensors.

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Management and knowledge extraction from your databases, tranforming data into meaningful results, communicative visualizations, dashboards and decision-supporting tools.

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