Today’s companies are projected into the future. Predicting is not magic: it is a way to take full advantage of the information available. It is the only way to know in advance the factors that will increase competitiveness and productivity. Planning is much more effective if a company carry out an intelligent data collection and analysis, creating future-proof monitoring and management systems. 

Data can come from production lines, online platforms, apps, payments or e-commerce channels. The data allows you to predict the occurrence of critical events and conditions, the scenarios of your business, market trends, customer behavior. Clients can get advantages like saving 15% of maintenance costs, reducing 80% of faults, reducing 30% of downtime. All this is possible thanks to our innovative multimodal approach, based on cutting-edge techniques of Artificial Intelligence, which allows making integrated predictions, combining numerical data, text and images. In summary, the benefits of our data-driven predictions are:

  1. Savings on production costs, optimizing the use of resources, reducing time;
  2. Robustness, with plans withstanding unforeseen situations, scenario changes, critical conditions;
  3. Know in advance the factors that will increase competitiveness and productivity.


Who can benefit?


Miningful specializes in the development of predictive analytics software, providing data-driven predictions. Our customers collect data from production processes, marketing, sales or distribution, through sensors and the internet. Miningful transforms these data into predictions, production monitoring systems and sales channels projected into the future, allowing to:

  1. Save on production costs, optimize the use of resources, shorten the timing;
  2. Identify key factors and their impact on the activity;
  3. develop effective, data-driven scenario analyses and business strategies;
  4. identify trends and variations.

Our innovative approach, based on the most advanced AI techniques, allows to make integrated predictions, combining numerical data, text and images, taking into account all operational and algorithmic aspects:

  • data collection and management
  • implementation costs, resources and timing
  • machine learning algorithm development
  • results usability and scalability
  • company philosophy


Miningful supports scientific publications and research projects with a suite of statistical services tailored to all the research phases, from experimental design to statistical analyses, from reporting and data visualization to text writing. Expressly deviced to:

  • follow all the research phases
  • analyze data
  • optimize results
  • guarantee repeatability
  • step up publication of research works

Miningful has supported more than 40 scientific publications, collaborating with some of the best universities. Our services cover statistical analysis, interpretation of results, data visualization, and include follow-up (reviewer responses, additional analysis, etc.). The costs are extremely competitive, with high efficiency: on average, in 3 weeks we reach the final results.