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Data Mining: Fifty Shades of Literature

Grey literature is the material produced by organizations or individuals outside the standard commercial or academic publishing. It can take the form of reports, working papers, evaluations, theses, blogs, preprints, field notes, and it is generally produced to store or [...]

The kind you look up and the kind you make up – It’s statistics!

Statistics deals with methods for collecting, summarizing, analyzing, interpreting and presenting data. Statistics is a highly interdisciplinary field, since it can be applied virtually everywhere. Everywhere you have data. The theory underlying statistical methods deeply rely on mathematical and computational [...]

Precision Agriculture: Industry 4.0 in the field

Among new areas open to the application of technology skills, Precision Agriculture is definitely a challenging topic, where it is possibile to face complex problems to solve and develop new services for a broad number of potential new markets. Precision [...]