HoReCa 4.0

This service is designed for restaurant, catering, hotel, bar and food delivery businesses who want to benefit from the big advantages of the fourth industrial revolution, in order to:

  • Identify groups of customers, based on buying behavior
  • Tailor your products to what your key customers value
  • Segment products based on sales performance and correlations
  • Monitor business performances, identify trends and critical steps from the customers’ viewpoint
  • Make predictions based on new data

How is all of this possible? By connecting devices, generating and analyzing the data.

Where do you start from? Your cash register. Contact us to understand how much valuable information this “simple” device can give you. Cash registers can be connected to cash automation and management software, reservation management apps, social networks, or your e-commerce. Each of these tools adds a piece to the story making what you offer unique. Our goal is to identify what makes your business unique, giving weight to the things that boost your business, making it stand out.



Databases and logs from cash registers, cash automation software, apps, websites, online platforms, purchases, social media, production and customer/user databases.


  • Identify trends in demand
  • Diversify marketing strategies
  • Identify critical points from the customers’ point of view
  • Predict work load


  • A user-friendly dashboard, including
  • Algorithms, personalized on the basis of data
  • Charts and real-time visualizations
  • Periodic automatically generated reports


  • Identify groups of customers, based on buying behavior
  • Personalized offer plans for clients
  • Product segmentation based on sales performance and correlation
  • Monitoring of business performances
  • Data-based predictions

Some data…

  • 2 consumers out of 3 search for information online before buying a product, already making their decision on digital channels
  • 89% of smartphone users use their device inside the store

Among the companies making use of  Big Data

  • 91% increased sales
  • 67% expanded their range of products and services on offer
  • 56% reduced costs
  • 73% increased profit margins

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